Priorities, Priorities – 4 American Men dead vs. Obama’s Image

Benghazi victims

The 4 Men who died at Benghazi while Obama went to bed.

Brit Hume, a “Political Commentator” and television journalist for Fox News, says Obama played the invisible man during Benghazi, but he sure is concerned about the NSA Scandal.

“Obama practically disappeared from the scene (no calls to Cabinet officials, no convening in the Situation Room) on the night of the Benghazi, Libya, attack. He seems more concerned on the NSA flap with distancing himself from conservatives whom he loathes (“I am not Dick Cheney”) and in Syria on protecting his self-image (he ends wars, doesn’t start them) than in taking the heat from Democrats. When coverage is not glowing, he becomes cranky with the media (as does his spokesman). He is most at ease campaigning before a crowd (whether it is an election or not) when he can accuse opponents of ill-will and flail away at straw men with no interruption.” Read More


One thought on “Priorities, Priorities – 4 American Men dead vs. Obama’s Image

  1. “What we see is what we are!” I challenge you to make a list which no one will ever read. On that list write down the qualities that you see in someone (or some group of people) that you really dislike. I suggest that if you look closely you will be looking at yourself. That is certainly the case with me.

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