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Liberals just can’t see past Bush!

I’ve been spending some time on Twitter tonight and reading the links that interested me when I came across the story on Mediate about Eric Bolling hanging up on Geraldo’s “show” mid-interview. As I usually do, I read the story and then continued down to the comments. /sigh ….

Bush has been out of office, shoot, out of the public eye, for 5 years now and the liberals still bring up his name at every opportunity. The refrain “…but Booooosh” echoes throughout the progressive/liberal dialogue. I’m about as sick of hearing that as I am sick of being called a racist for disagreeing with Oblamer. Ya know what? I don’t want the white guy under Oblamer in there either!

Not racist, impeach them both

For the record, I never had a problem with Bush. I also didn’t pay attention. I was very UN-into politics. Didn’t care, and didn’t care to care. Things were good for me and mine and I just plain didn’t pay attention. However, since then I have read quite a bit of these “but Boooosh” arguments, and they fall flat on their face time and time again. The Patriot Act is the sole item from Bush’s Administration that I have looked into that gives me pause. The government, who apparently can’t even look after their own, want to look into me? Yeah, I don’t like that one bit. BUT, I understand the reasoning behind it.

At the Mediate link there is  a commenter who is obviously still hung up on Booosh. He/she apparently thinks every conservative is a racist, old, white guy. He/she said used that on several comments to people who replied to anything that he/she wrote. I couldn’t help but get into the fray …

You’re right, I do pretty much hate this pResident. He’s done nothing but marginalize us around the world, pit races against one another and send his cronies after those who dared oppose him. For the record, I’m a white female. Calling everyone who opposes this joke of a pResident old and racist got old a long time ago, y’all really need to find a new line, that one isn’t working anymore. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t pay attention when Bush was President. Things were going well, for me and mine, and politics didn’t interest me. It wasn’t until it became clear that so many were going to vote for a man who had done almost nothing but vote “present” his entire career that I became alarmed enough, and interested enough, to get involved. So the “where were you when Bush” lines don’t work either, I wasn’t paying attention. I’m paying attention now and I’m horrified, scared, and absolutely appalled at what is happening to our country. I don’t understand how people can continue to support this administration. Forget about Bush, it’s not about Bush dammit. It’s about NOW. Bush has NOTHING to do with this. It’s just another red herring. Oblamer is what is happening to this country right now, and it’s NOT good.

I hadn’t planned to publish tonight, but things happen, so there ya go. I’ll be publishing a new one Sunday, hope to see you back then!