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My thoughts on Obama in 2008

When Oblamer was running for the Presidency the first time, I couldn’t understand why anyone would vote for him. I understand that the black community (come on, African American – seriously?) was excited to have a Black American in the highest seat in America. I get that, but Oblamer? Why not someone with a little integrity? Someone with a history of doing something other than voting “Present”?

I made the statement to a co-worker that I believed by the end of his first term Christians would be going underground. She looked at me like I was a paranoid conspiracy nut.

Was I?

Unfortunately, these aren’t even the tip of the iceberg. It’s happening on a frighteningly regular basis. When did Christianity become something to be ashamed of and hidden? Our bible tells us to proclaim Jesus from the rooftops, but today’s society tells us to keep Him under our hat. That’s bad enough, but when the courts start agreeing with people/organizations like the “Freedom From Religion” group, it makes for a very unfriendly place for Christians. If it were all religion being stifled, at least it would be “fair”, but it seems to only be directed at the Judeo-Christians.

When did freedom start meaning you can only say something if it’s something the liberals agree with?